Goodday Balance Low Fat Milk



Agency: BrandCare
Senior Designer: Chok Shin Loong
Graphic Designer: Chong KT
Client Servicing: Siew Wen
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Etika
Product Launch Location: Asia
Packaging Contents: Pasteurized Recombined Milk
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tetra Pack
Printing Process: Flexographic

This low-fat milk is made from New Zealand and Australia milk. It is fortified with essential nutrients for better Calcium intake. High calcium content works in strengthen bone and teeth where Vitamin D is able to help the body to have better calcium absorption. This milk not only fulfills your calcium intake and yet also satisfy your taste bud, especially for those who can’t take cowy milk taste.

The design direction must be able to meet the product positioning, USP and premium looking to induce purchase intention. The agency has the flexibility to create a design that is with different design treatment vs
current Goodday milk. The variant indication and product claim must be very clear and visible.

What’s Unique?
Often we relate milk products with its primary essential nutrient – Calcium. However, milk products normally highlight milk splash or cows visual on the packaging and leave the nutrient fortification to communicate by creating icons.

What makes this product so special is definitely the strong product defining image – bone silhouette that crafted from the milk splash. It communicates resolutely about the benefits and the main unique selling point of the product without a second thought.

The bone visual & it’s treatment is indeed one of a kind which none of the players in the market had to use it, making the product so prominently noticeably at one glance on the shelf with the other market players.