New Beauty Drink – Aqua Glow by Oriflame Cosmetics

Design: Butterfly Cannon
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Oriflame Cosmetics
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Oriflame Cosmetics came to us to position and design Aqua Glow – Ceramosides™ & Lingonberry Drink, their first foray into the burgeoning beauty drinks market; a dietary supplement developed by Swedish scientists that complements skin care routines and improves hydration from the inside out. The design had to reflect the brand’s Nordic roots with a visual impact that would drive direct sales, whilst being recognisably from Wellness with a premium aesthetic to create a halo effect around their existing product range.

Our solution was to move away from the functional designs of pharmaceutical products and position Aqua Glow firmly as an aspirational and Instagrammable lifestyle brand that would sit comfortably in the skincare and beauty aisle. The pack architecture reflects this approach with centralized branding and a minimal, pared-back, Scandinavian aesthetic.

The Wellness by Oriflame logo is retained for recognition and reassurance, whilst foiling it in rose gold brings the required premium and quality cues. Geometric facets, moving from left to right up the pack in keeping with semiotic codes of positivity and optimism, reflect the science behind the product. These are offset by the soft, gentle hues they are printed in, which together with the uncoated, subtly flecked stock convey the Swedish inspired ingredients such as lingonberry used in its formulation. As a finishing touch, one facet has a rippling, foiled pattern, that alludes to the product name and convenient delivery system of dissolving into water. The end result is a design that delivers in the hand and on-screen; appealing strongly to online influencers, as evidenced by its coverage on Instagram.

To support the launch of Wellness Aqua Glow, a 360° activation plan was developed using our aspirational positioning and design elements across beauty and lifestyle magazines; a key component in the brand’s social media launch.

“Butterfly Cannon understood the multi-faceted nature of our brief and by getting to the heart of what the Wellness brand and our new Aqua Glow proposition stands for, have created a striking design that will help us to succeed in one of the fastest-growing beauty sectors.” – Natalia Globenko – Global Brand Manager, Oriflame Cosmetics