RedLeg Spiced Rum – Flavour Extensions

Design: Butterfly Cannon
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Distil
Product Launch Location: Global

Launched in 2013, Butterfly Cannon’s brand identity for the original RedLeg Spiced Rum was all about capturing the true laid-back spirit of the Caribbean. Made using authentic Caribbean rum infused with vanilla and ginger, the brand needed to be grounded firmly in ‘Irie’ island life – a chilled-out feeling that everything’s ‘all right’. To bring this to life we named the brand after the native Caribbean Red Leg crab, a characterful critter that is heroes on the label and comes to life in our homespun (and award-winning) rum-shack identity.

Looking to build on the massive success of the RedLeg brand, the brand team came to us to evolve the core design to launch a new Caramelised Pineapple flavour and allow for a series of flavour extensions to drive trial with consumers and generate an uplift in listings in the off-trade.

Crucial to the brief was the need to highlight the new flavour and clearly differentiate from the original RedLeg, without steering away from the brand’s laidback vibe and premium feel. With packed facings in the major multiples, we knew that shelf visibility was essential.

Following a subtle rejig and redraw of the existing elements of the core, our lip-smacking design for the first of the line extensions tempts consumers to try the Caramelised Pineapple Flavour. The label is daubed in a deliciously warm burnt yellow colourway which gives amazing shelf standout, whilst a subtle wood texture on uncoated stock brings the rum shack vibe and nods to the oak barrels the rum is rested in.

Our RedLeg crab illustration sits right at the heart of the label design, with its vibrant red legs and claws grabbing consumers’ attention. It is surrounded by hand-drawn flavour descriptors and illustrations in keeping with our homespun visual aesthetic. The calligraphic RedLeg marque is picked out in a rich charred brown with high build gloss varnish, to give excellent contrast and brand recognition.

Following the success of RedLeg Caramelised Pineapple, further additions to the flavour range are now being developed.

“The considered design helped us to secure listings for the new flavor, including one of the major multiples. The response to RedLeg Caramelised Pineapple from both consumers and retailers has been extremely positive, and we hope to build on this success with Butterfly Cannon with further additions to the range currently in progress.”
Kate Alexander – Operations & Marketing Director, Distil Plc