Herbarus Tea with Herbs


Agency: Ohmybrand
Creative Director: Nadezhda Parshina
Art Director: Anna Burlakina
Junior Designer: Nikita Gavrilov
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Herbarus
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Cardboard

The brand Herbarus, known for its herbal teas, has expanded its range by introducing a line of classic tea with different additives. The packaging design was entrusted to the Ohmybrand Studio that has been working with the brand since its foundation in 2014.

Task: Herbarus is a brand that has managed to win the love of consumers due to 100% natural composition and careful attitude to the combinations of herbs, both in terms of taste and in terms of health benefits.

To strengthen its position on the market, the company decided to enter a new segment, one of the classic teas, which significantly exceeds the volume of the herbal category. In addition to 13 herbal tea positions, Herbarus has developed 6 SKUs of classic black and green tea with herbs.

The task of the Ohmybrand Studio was to develop the packaging design for the new line. It was necessary, on the one hand, to maintain continuity in relation to the design of the herbal teas, and on the other — to separate from them and to make it very clear for the consumer that this is classic black and green tea.

Solution: The design of the line of tea with herbs is based on abstract pastel illustration patterns made in a technique similar to the one used in the existing line. “These are the illustrations of nature as you notice it if you fly through life at high speed — wide contrasting strokes that symbolize the shades of tastes,” says Nadezhda Parshina, the creative director of Ohmybrand.

The illustrations intuitively explain to the consumer which tea is at the heart of each drink and what herbs, berries and fruit and in what proportions complement its taste. The selected color schemes allow to differentiate black and green tea from afar. The packaging of the new line is generally intended to be more “classic” and it differs from the original line with the visual simplicity of style.

There was a lot of tedious work with typography within the project. A lot of information needed to fit on the front side of the box — about the brand, the category and a specific taste — and it had to be done without overloading or confusing the consumer. At the same time, the key messages of the brand had to be seen first: naturalness, taste, health and high quality. All these tasks were successfully solved with the help of font accents and color accents.

The names of tastes also played a big role: “Wild Spicy”, “Ripe Fragrant”, “Summer Warm”, “Mint Calm”, etc. They are created in a way to get the consumer into a hedonistic mood — in contrast to most competitors who use descriptive names related to consumption situations.

The line stands out on the shelf among competitors and forms a noticeable brand spot in any type of display (together with Herbarus herbal teas or separately from them). In addition, the packaging is well thought out from the point of view of online perception, as we see a great potential for sales in online stores. Our design is noticeable even when you quickly scroll through the “online shelf” — the pattern attracts attention, and the logo instantly reveals the essence of the brand.

Result: New Herbarus teas have already appeared on store shelves — they can be found in large chains, in small stores of natural food and online. The company’s bid for the classic tea category, despite the huge number of established players present in it, turned out to be correct, and the attentive attitude to the design allowed the brand to immediately assert itself against the competitors.