Ivan Mata

Badalona, Barcelona, Spain

Design: Ivan Mata Godino
Location: Spain
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Cosmetic
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard (packaging) / Plastic (product container)
Printing Process: Offset / Color Stamping

The main idea of the concept is to create a normal men’s hair care product. The brand wants to address the ordinary man, including photos of men celebrating their normality, in an optimistic attitude, proud of being normal.

The name of rebel comes from that concept: ordinary men who like to take care of themselves, but being aware that the fact of taking care of themselves is not going to make them super models, they rebel against the usual image that this type of product relates to perfect men.

The concept comes with four products: regenerative shampoo and invigorating conditioner in a gel format, and two serums (one hair serum and one beard serum) in applicator format.

The packaging also refers to the “Rebel Rebel” song by David Bowie, an artist who always celebrated his difference in music.
Aladdin Shane’s famous lightning bolt is seen in the logo as a small tribute to him.

The bolder colors than those commonly used in men’s products and the shiny finishes have been applied to give glam and distinctive finish.

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What’s Unique?
The box has an irregular format but still allows it to be stored without a problem.

If the box is opened by the side flap, the box itself becomes a small promotional display that can be displayed in a barbershop or any dealer.

The product rests on a pedestal-type base and when the box is opened, the interior design is exposed, which shows the logo with a glossy finish, crossed by a model.