Society Tea

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Design: Vinay Kavade
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute Of Design, Pune, Loni Kalbhor
Tutor: Prof. Samson Mathai
Packaging Contents: Leaf Tea, Masala Leaf Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Waxed Kraft Paper, Foil, paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

TEA plays a very important role in the lives of the people in India and the world. Tea has a very rich tradition and culture in India.

Society tea is a tea brand from India, who has been able to carve a name for itself as a premium tea brand in the market. From the early stage sensing that the customer would prefer the convenience and would change traditional tea buying patterns, Hasmukhrai & Co launched tea in a packet form in 1991, which was available across retailers in the name of Society Tea.

Society Tea has continually combined quality with innovation to produce teas that retain both their fragrant aroma and exceptional taste. Distinctively packed, Society Tea consists of the finest premium blend of teas being produced.

In this packaging design, the traditional packets have been changed to a more subtle and minimal approach to the company to stand out from the stack. The Kraft paper is used as a material for the better sustainability of the product.

The packaging color of the beige gives us a hint of tea connecting to the brand. The Red and the Green color tells us about the type of tea it is like the ‘MASALA TEA’, or ‘LEAF TEA’. The color on the sides represents the flavor of the tea. The goal is to keep the graphics minimal as they say ‘LESS IS MORE’.

What’s Unique?
The packaging color depicts the Tea in a Cup. The story of the flavors is depicted by their distinctive color with all its graphics. The textured paper gives a premium feel in itself. The packaging has a zip lock mechanism to keep the tea leaves fresh and the recyclable waxed Kraft paper helps it from getting any type to damage to the leaves keeping its taste and aroma intact.