Bol’shaya medvedica (Ursa Major)

PG Brand Reforming Company

Варшава, Польша

Design: PG Brand Reforming company
Location: Poland
Project Type: Produced
Client: Krasnyj pishchevik
Product Launch Location: Belarus
Packaging Contents: Ice cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Task: development of design and naming for the new ice cream brand.

Decision: Ice cream is in our lives, while we spend time with our loved ones walking and just talking to each other. The name refers us to walks under the stars, and the most famous constellation is the Ursa Major (in Russian “Bol’shaya medvedica”). It is visible everywhere, and everyone recognizes it. This means that ice cream unites people like Ursa Major and brings them together.

Since the Ursa Major is visible from everywhere, the packaging shows a wide variety of places: a city landscape, a village, a forest lake. One thing in common – a special atmosphere of mystery and romance. They reign everywhere. Also, the northern lights on every package remind us of the cold, which is associated with the product.

Ursa Major is a reference to pleasant memories. They are night walks for young people and cartoons from childhood for older people. This fact emphasizes the power of unity of this ice cream.