OMW! is a brand of convenient butter and jam in the pouches.

In case you are hungry — our new case is just in time! It’s a rather exciting product concept so let’s dig into some background.

PB&J — eternal classics, one of the most popular snacks in the USA since the 1950s and a novelty for other markets, still growing popular. This is a very easy and affordable sandwich, you can make for a quick snack: take a couple of bread slices, spread some butter on one, some jam on another — and that’s you have it, the perfect sandwich to-go.

Could it be better?

OMW! is a brand of convenient butter and jam in the pouches, you can easily take with you and fix a sandwich whenever you want it. OMW! offers an easy and convenient way to preserve your lunch from being smashed or squished in a bag. The naming itself highlights the idea of the product and cheerful illustrations help us not only to highlight a taste but to comfort a child with bright images during your commute wherever you are heading.

There are four products right now: peanut butter and almond butter, blueberry jam and strawberry jam.

Enjoy your world’s fastest PB&J in a comfortable form!