Garage Limited Edition

PG Brand Reforming Company

Warszawa, Polska

We are not strangers to the GARAGE trademark: we created packaging designs for new tastes, and this time the task was no less interesting – to develop a limited-edition packaging design that would convey the atmosphere and spirit of California, where the idea of strong alcoholic lemonades was born.

What do we know about California? Some will say that it is always sunny there, but we will tell you that California is very different. The limited edition series consists of two cans in which we tried to capture all the colours of the soft sunset, nevertheless, bright saturated colours accompany us on this 24/7 California trip. In the illustration, we have reflected the most recognizable tourist points of attraction: the Golden Gate Bridge, Santa Monica Piers, sandy beaches and a modern urban skyline that creates a beautiful contrast with the rich nature of national parks and the relaxed vintage mood of worn diners and neon signs.

The packaging design turned out to be bright, but at the same time relaxed and natural.

Welcome to California!