Packaging design for premium shower drains

Our task was to develop packaging for premium shower drains. Our client sought to differentiate their brand by elevating the perceived value of their product through the use of fine metals and sophisticated packaging. The main challenge was to create a brand identity that highlights the idea of luxury and exclusivity while maintaining cohesive aesthetics.

We focused on the product design and adopted distinctive drain features in a graphic form, such as stainless steel geometric forms, and accents in bronze and gold. Our team created a packaging design that speaks in words of sophistication and exclusivity. The packaging featured a minimalist colour scheme, with a subtle embossed logo and precious metallic accents.

Our agency’s strategy of emphasizing both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the product, while maintaining a cohesive brand identity throughout all touchpoints, allowed the product to successfully differentiate itself from basic bathroom appliances and establish itself as a top-tier luxury brand.


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