Lightness and drinkability are one of the main characteristics of the new gin from Bulbash company. The name OxyGin hints at the main functional feature of the drink — during the production process, this gin is precisely enriched with oxygen, so the finished product, on the one hand, retains the bright juniper aroma and bitterness familiar to gin, and on the other hand, it is easy to drink and OxyGin has a unique mild taste profile.

The design concept is built on the aesthetics of Victorian steampunk, which allowed us to tie together the most English of drinks, build a clear system for differentiating diverse SKUs and emphasize the idea of ​​travelling on an airship. Why airships and balloons? This is a fairly typical steampunk type of transport, and the main visual marker is a huge dome filled with air, which underlines the name and once again — tells us about the lightness of the drink. In addition to the classic gin on a flight to London, you can head East and try a Yuzu gin or signature pink raspberry gin as the balloon floats gently into the sunset.