Suwalif Tea

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Creative Director: Hashem Gerashi
Location: Bahrain
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Bahrain
Packaging Contents: Teabags, Loose tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper boxes, tin boxes
Printing Process: offset regular printing.

“Suwalif” in Arabic means conversations, often associated with drinking tea as the preferred social drink served during hangouts, family visits, deeply rooted in the heritage of Bahraini people where their main hangouts were the traditional cafes in the heart of the “Souqs” of Manama the capital of Bahrain. So the design was trying to depict a vintage style to leverage that tie between tea and the act of socializing back in the ’50s. The dark black color was chosen to differentiate the brand from the rest of the existing big brands on supermarket shelves, also to have that classical packaging feel to be in line with the story behind the brand.

What’s Unique?
The packaging stands out in terms of the bold color choice for the tea packing category that serves the brand’s story very well. The printing technique used for this project is very simple and practical to suit the commercial sector and maintain a competitive price to promote and grow the brand’s equity.