Licks – Keto and Plant Based Range

Derrick Lin


Agency: Hummingbelle
Creative Lead Christelle
Location: Australia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Ice Cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper and silver foil
Printing Process: Litho and foiling

Design Brief: To create the typographical logo and packaging for a new product. The target audience: decadent lovers of desserts who are still health-conscious.

Challenge: It needed to not only look special but have a luxe feel. With shelf-competition, it had to stand out among other Twisted packaging and competitors in stores.

Solution: I chose a very clean simple design, showing off the product and printed the logo in silver foiling.

Feedback: The packaging and logo have had great feedback from the public and been a massive seller. They have even been picked up by the US market. I’ve worked with Cass and the team at Twisted for five years, designing all their packaging and branding. They have gone from being in 50 Woolworths store to now having their product in every store nationally and it’s just as popular in Coles.

What’s Unique?
The foiling, typography and colour use make it stand out from it’s competitors.

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