Shevet Brewing & Distilling Co.

Design: Butterfly Cannon
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Shevet Brewing & Distilling Co.
Product Launch Location: Israel
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, Aluminium
Printing Process: Flexography, Lithography, Foil Stamping

Meet the tribe of colourful characters designed by Butterfly Cannon for the brand identity of Shevet Brewing & Distilling Co.

Shevet Brewing & Distilling Co. is a new-to-market Israeli venture with a brewery and Israel’s first whisky distillery under one roof, dedicated to producing extraordinary craft beers and spirits; locally produced but with a global vision.

Butterfly Cannon was asked to create the brand literally from the ground up. Our brand identity had to reflect the founders’ collaborative, playful spirit and connect with the expanding Israeli craft beer scene. The identity had to be contemporary, characterful & versatile to inspire designs for a wide range of core and limited-edition beers, communication platforms, merchandise, posm and destination ‘Brewstillery’ – to attract Israeli millennials, in both the local on & off-trade.

Since opening their Shevet Brewstillery doors, the ‘tribe vibe’ of the brand identity has had such a strong response that the brand team are in the process of hiring new talent to keep up with the momentum generated on social media. Shevet now sells over 5,000L per month to 100+ listings, including bars, restaurants, boutique hotels and supermarkets, with a deal to export to the U.S. currently being negotiated.

“HOP ON” now, this brand is going places…

“Butterfly Cannon are truly part of our Shevet tribe of colourful characters! The strong visual identity, story-telling and tribal community that Butterfly Cannon have built into our brand from the start gives added value to our customers, and a higher return on our investment. We couldn’t have done it without them!” – Neil Wasserman Co-Founder of Shevet Brewing & Distilling Co

Shevet (Israeli slang for tribe) became our name with the founders sat upon a looong tandem; our playful and adaptable icon welcoming others to “HOP ON” and join the tribe. A versatile diagonal stripe brings contemporary edge, whilst a range of colourful characters inspired by the beers’ flavour profiles complete the ‘tribe vibe’; The Duke, an English Ale, The Ice Mann, a cold lager & The Wee Laddie, a Scottish Ale, their witty names being pulled out in worn, blocky vertical typography.

The Israeli craft drinks market has seen huge growth so it was imperative to proudly badge our Israeli provenance, whilst balancing with English to reinforce the international quality; our wordmark is strongly Hebrew, right at the heart of the identity and brought to life through a bold and contemporary, sans-serif hand-drawn font.

All our thinking was collected into a Brand Playbook that is now being used by local contractors to ensure everything from Instagram to the Brewstillery’s bar and user experience tell the same extraordinary story.