Derrick Lin


Designer: Eduardo Dias
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Recycled paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

The sea… Ah the sea, always incredible and full of different meanings for all of us. There is a common feeling that we always feel when we find the sea of peace and completeness. This project is a part of the sea spread everywhere.

“AM” is a tea made of Clitoria blue as the sea. The brand has a passionate narrative for the peace and tranquility that the sea awakens in people so the boxes are made of leftover garbage found in the sea. When we think about how special it is to bring peace to people and at the same time clean the world it seems that this brand is a gift.

The brand has a direct communication with passionate consumers and wanted a singular presence of its logo to the box. I used the 1960’s to find the best way between beauty and the function of the logo to be identified. I developed different texts until I found the logo that had the perfect application, can be used in any direction, is recognizable and completes a cube box as an element of design.

I found that “.AM” needed a new approach, a translation of this calm and beautiful spirit. Tea is the final product, but the goal is to show the peace it conveys to translate this peaceful belief to the people who will consume it.

Thinking about this unique solution I immersed myself in the possibilities of translating the sea and so many values into one product and found an incredibly unique solution. I developed 2 beautiful patterns that bring the main elements of this project in a playful and exciting way. Based on the water and the sea waves I developed patterns that occupy the side of the box forming a large infinite mosaic of the sea when the boxes are placed side by side.

To take advantage of the cubic box and bring even more dynamism to the project I applied the texts in different directions and distributed respectfully for the box to be read from all angles and bring different sensations giving life to this fascinating project! Shuuwaaaaaaa…

What’s Unique?
What makes the design special is the used paper that is recycled from materials from the sea itself for a tea that honors the sea. What is special, moreover, is the mosaic that is formed by the side of the boxes that transforms into the sea infinitely. In addition to saving the planet and doing good for people at the same time.