Design: Shreyas Pawar
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design, Pune
Tutor: Prof. Ranjana Dani
Packaging Contents: Cotton, Khadi, Hemp Clothing
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Muslin
Printing Process: UV Printing on Muslin, Inkjet Printing on Seed Paper Tags

Brand- Etterra is a hypothetical sustainable apparel brand that smartly fuses the latest fashion trends with sustainable living by using ethical fabrics and eco-friendly packaging to lower our impact on the planet. Created by people who are passionate about clothing, we are more than just exquisite apparel.

Etterra means Et (for) and Terra(Earth/land). The Brand is all about giving back to Earth. The Clothes are made from 100% recyclable Organic Materials. The fabric used in the clothes is cotton, khadi, and mostly hemp.

The brand believes in reducing clutter and waste and hence has adopted seed paper in its packaging. Etterra focuses on upper/ upper-middle-class people with a healthy income and those who want to bring change in society by taking conscious steps.

Seed Paper- Beej Kapas is a paper handmade from seeds and cotton. When you plant the paper in the soil, the cotton will start decomposing itself in the soil and slowly becomes a plant. It is made from pre-consumer cotton material and embedded with seeds. Various types of seeds like black-eyed susan, clarika, a blend of basil, oregano, and parsley. It is highly durable, heat resistant, and has an excellent finish. Inkjet printing is preferably used for printing on seed paper. All the tags of the brand used along with the packaging and with the clothes are made of seed paper, with the steps on how to plant them.

Concept- The concept is to show the Story of how a seed paper is made, in an abstract style on one side of the bag and the brand name & logo on the other side showing the products made from seed paper.

The steps shown in the Illustration are-
Step-1 : Gather Paper, Tear, Put it in Blender
Step-2 : Pour in warm water, Blend into smooth Pulp
Step-3 : Spread Pulp, Flatten, Dry

Material- People usually throw plastic bags which come with clothes. A cloth bag can be reused for various other purposes afterward.

Muslin (also called Maanzar Path or Mouselline or Malmal) is a lightweight and breathable 100% natural cotton material that dates back to Ancient India. They are very durable and easy to care for. The design was printed on Muslin using UV Printing technique.

What’s Unique?
Unique thing about Etterra is the usage of eco-friendly packaging, which motivates people through its story telling on the packaging, along with the usage of tags made of seed paper which later when planted grows into a plant. This makes Etterra a sustainable apparel brand, which has all the things which give back to Earth, that are the hemp clothes, the muslin bag and the tags! With Etterra, one comes closer to live a sustainable lifestyle.