GOODFOR – Chinese Herb Tea



Design: Lung-Hao Chiang
Location: Taiwan
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Herb Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Aluminium
Printing Process: Digital printing, Screen printing

In the culture of Traditional Chinese prescription, the concept of “prevention is better than cure” is emphasized.

“Han Fang tea” is the wisdom crystallization of Traditional Chinese prescription culture. “Han Fang tea” made from natural flowers, plants, and fruits combine the concept of health into daily life.

What’s Unique?
With the change of time, “Han Fang Tea” is difficult to get close to modern consumers, with negative perceptions such as outdated and medicines. It is hoped that the fresh and interesting visual image can change consumers’ perception of “Han Fang Tea”.

Visual design with a clean and elegant images with flowers and plants, emphasizing the “Han Fang” natural product image. Illustration design simplifies the style of Chinese traditional painting, hoping to give traditional Chinese medicine culture a new look of vitality and lively sense.