Derrick Lin


Agency: RONG Design
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Content: Instant food
Location: China

Converting the instant food into an enjoyable experience, bring delightful surprise to our normal daily life.

By innovating the packaging and the experience of having the meal, the design hopes to uplift people’s opinion about instant food, and make the connivence enjoyable. People’s impression of the traditional instant food is about the instant noodle, which is fast but quite boring. People won’t expect anything from it but a meal to fill their stomach quickly. The brand new packaging broke the traditional opening method: Inspired by the cloche lid from the restaurant, design turned the pulp bowl upside down to serve as a lid of the food inside, and the unfolded outer package became the table mat, converting the usual meal to a special and enjoyable experience.

The overall visual style is modern and colorful, which speaks about the thoughtful combination and tasty of the food ingredients. By innovating the packaging, design brought surprising and delightful moments to experience, and uplifted the people’s opinion about instant food.