Daisy Plant Based yoghurts

Onfire Design

Agency: Onfire Design
Creative Director: Matt Grantham
Designer: Matt Grantham
Designer: Michael Nicholls
Location: New Zealand
Project Type: Produced
Client: Walter & Wild
Product Launch Location: New Zealand
Packaging Contents: Yoghurt
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic pot
Printing Process: Flexography

Daisy is an ‘I can’t believe it’s not dairy’ delicious plant-based yoghurt range with a brand inspired by the very dairy cows that have traditionally been relied upon for our daily dairy dose.

Dairy comes from cows. That’s easy, and we all know how good that tastes. But it is only recently that us humans have looked at their plant-based diet and figured that there must be something with this! While plant-based products are now nothing new, no one had quite cracked capturing the richness of dairy equivalents, until now. Daisy uses creamy coconuts, live vegan cultures, pre and probiotics and rich natural flavours to create a range of yoghurts that rivals the dairy incumbents.

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To highlight just how good this yoghurt is we created a story around (lazy) Daisy, a dairy cow that can now put her feet up knowing that some clever humans have now made her life a lot less stressful by not having to produce milk every day. It’s so good infact that we put her name on the front in gold foil as a seal of approval creating a disruptive shelf callout. Product typography is bold with a ‘rebel’ confidence of doing something different. Product descriptors are short, punchy and come straight from Daisy as an endorsement. Each tub has a large product window to show just how good these yoghurts look.

Crafted from plants and jammed full of tummy-loving pre and probiotics, it’s a win-win for everyone: better taste and good for you, good for the planet, and even better for Daisy’s holiday plans.