Design: VBAT
Location: Netherlands
Project Type: Produced
Client: Zamora Company
Product Launch Location: Netherlands
Packaging Contents: RTD
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, plastic label

Licor 43 Fresco – True innovation for a Spanish classic

Zamora Company, the owner of Licor 43, worked with VBAT to create the design for the first ready-to-drink brand extension in the history of the brand: Licor 43 Fresco.

Originally from Spain, Licor43 is a leading liqueur brand which since its launch 70 years ago, has been growing successful in many countries across the world. To grow the brand further, Zamora International asked VBAT to help them in their development of a true innovation within the brand, the launch of a ready to drink cocktail.

As everything starts with Licor43, VBAT positioned the Licor43 visual brand asset in the heart of its design, providing strong brand recognition and confirmation of quality.

The introduction of the ‘stir’, the dynamic background, creates a link to the world of premium cocktails and mixes. The expression of the ‘stir’ is irregular, creating a contrast with the perfect circle of the brand badge and reflects the youthful energy of the audience. With its elegant embossing, the simple bottle design gives space for the graphics to breath and ensures maximum shelf impact. To underline the premium quality and to show the level of attention that has been given to the liquid, every bottle is individually sealed with a paper seal.

The product was successfully launched in two flavors in the Netherlands in June 2020.