Design: TSMGO | The show must go on
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Masaveu Bodegas
Product Launch Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Organic paper produced from cotton and recycled pure cellulose fibres
Printing Process: Foil stamping, engraving and serigraphic varnish

Bodegas Leda is a winery, belonging to Masaveu Bodegas, whose peculiarity lies in putting the focus on being a producer of “multi-terroir” wines; wines focused on the premium segment, not restricted to one Denomination, but which seek to extract the best from the main wine regions of the area (Toro, Cigales and Ribera de Duero).

Against this background, the winery wishes to launch a new wine – an exclusive selection of 4,222 bottles defined by its selection, terroir and minimal intervention. A decision is hidden under the brand name “Guarda”; only an exceptional vintage will see the light, and not all vintages qualify for the “Guarda” denomination. This categorical measure requires the winery to be extremely demanding in its production.

From this definition, of what should be exceptional and demonstrate knowledge, we take the helm to construct a meaningful proposal.


  • Reflect the concept of minimal intervention, almost bareness, in its physical manifestation.
  • Describe, in a minimalistic way, what Guarda represents as an oenological proposal.
  • Integrate it with the rest of the range and highlight its Premium status.

Guarda de Leda is a wine which reflects passion for excellence. A demanding selection of red Tempranillo variety grapes from the best Leda vineyards grown under organic viticulture and with low yields. A plot wine from old vines.

Our proposal is impregnated with simplicity and essentialism as a way of synthesizing what is useful. Through the creation of the multi-terroir concept as a sum of the best of each estate, this wine condenses the maximum expression of those vineyards, exclusivity and barely any intervention.

Our approach is based on portraying the bareness of the Leda brand, the minimalist centre of the terrain’s orography as its confluence and epicentre.

A material proposal in which typography and textures take on special relevance and give depth to the concept which explores refinement and elegance through the use of classic calligraphy and a clean composition.

We also present the environment in which Guarda de Leda is produced, a micro-world filled with rows of vineyards, through an abstraction of the landscape in the focal point of Leda as a key element of the composition. This evokes the place from whence it originates, thereby avoiding the unnecessary and excessive.

We highlight the character of selection with a numbering on the neck band. A silk paper caresses the ensemble, further enhancing its special identity.

Within the simplicity that Guarda de Leda apparently reflects, it hides an important technical complexity when bringing several techniques together. We start with a cotton textured support, whose capacity of seduction stimulates the sense of touch in a unique, natural way.

Entirely organic paper, produced from cotton and recycled pure cellulose fibres, which is environmentally friendly with an FSC certification. We add layers to this canvas such as embossing – which shows the vineyards in an abstract way -, a die – as a representation of brand bareness – , gilded stamped foil – to integrate it with the Leda brand – and we enhance Guarda’s exclusive character in serigraphic varnish, which gives it relief and raises it from the surface. A typographical numbering on the neck… Everything to serve to reinforce the product’s premium nature.

Tissue paper: 17.5 g, 27% opacity with one food dye.