Arctic Raw Birch Waters

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Derrick Lin


Agency: DesignCompany
Packaging Designer: Outi Oravainen
Location: Finland
Project Type: Produced
Client: Arctic Raw
Product Launch Location: Finland
Packaging Contents: Birch Water
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Offset

Finnish birch waters in fresh packages
It has been a great honor and privilege to design the packages and labels of all Arctic Raw products. Building a comprehensive and streamlined brand in close cooperation with the client has been highly rewarding. The main focal points during the design and implementation process were packaging for export in general and Asian markets in particular, but the products are also available in Finland, and the packaging designs work world-wide.

With all our packaging design and brand communication, we want to celebrate authentic northern flavors and raw ingredients from the pure Finnish nature. The brand draws deeply from local elements, such as birch trees with their gleaming white stems, and Finnish forests with their rich natural bounty.

Premium feeling of premium packaging
All bottle labels were designed to express with maximum impact the freshness, pureness and authenticity of each product. The color element in the front label of each flavor contains foil printed details. The labels also feature other carefully designed and selected special effects. Label print runs are exacting, and besides foil printing. Rough coating was applied to the labels to convey the feel of real birch bark. In terms of brand image building, it is vitally important how the package feels when you pick it up for the first time.

Details and finishing touches create brand value
A sticker seal over the cap finishes the appearance of this product. For the branding and shelf visibility of this packaging format, sticker seals turned out to be a surprisingly important investment. Without the vibrantly colored and core message carrying sticker seal that ties the entire design together, the package would have remained remarkably less striking and attractive on the store shelf.

Your brand can make a first impression only once – the moment the customer picks up your package for the first time.

The bright and pure birch tree trunk is created with haptic label paper and the dark parts of the image are finalized with sandpaper kind of varnish. The label feels like birch trunk when the customer picks the bottle from the shelf.

Products differs from each other with different foil colors which gives the high end shiny feeling to the whole range.