Design: Moaaz Galal
Location: Egypt
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Juice, food keeper, plastic case
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, paper, glass
Printing Process: Digital printing, screen printing

Skyfit is an outdoor gym with many privileges such as providing healthy food, natural juices, the presence of a private trainer and the latest sports equipment around the world, and it provides you with access via the smart card throughout the day, the most popular diet, and a doctor’s consultation in the place is also available in large areas and wonderful nature and this provides an amazing workout environment.

What if you didn’t have to guess when food or leftovers would spoil? What if, like the way you rely on Siri to cook and tell the time, your own Rubbermaid maid can basically solve the mystery? We designed the food container cover to be printed with natural materials that are wiped automatically after 15 hours and this is sufficient time for the food to remain fresh. When the sticker is wiped, it is destroyed by specialists and its contents are recycled.