Torreleones Wines

Jacomy Mayne Studio

Mendoza, Capital, Provincia de Mendoza, Argentina

Design: Jacomy Mayne
Location: Argentina
Project Type: Produced
Client: Bodega Torreleones
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Printing Process: Flexography, gold stamping

Torreleones winery is the result of 4 generations of winegrowers. This emblematic wine represents its past with a majestic tower built by its founders years ago. This tower is now rebuilt by the new generations of the winery, who offer new horizons towards it.

The history of Bodega Torreleones is written by Francisco Fraguas and Emilio Corvalán. Their respective parents had a very great friendship, and that was how Francisco and Emilio met from their earliest years.

Over time they not only forged a great friendship but also became partners in numerous ventures.

Both families historically related to the world of wine. The Corvalán family, with an enormous tradition in the city of Mendoza since colonial times. And the Fraguas family, whose ancestors migrated from Spain to enter the Mendoza wine industry since 1950.

Francisco and Emilio, at first acted as intermediaries between wineries and wine buyers. It is in 1990 when they acquire their first vineyard in Maipú. Only in 2002, they founded the winery and the wine production began.

Today, it is Francisco’s children together with Emilio’s children who turn the page one more time, becoming involved both in the farm and oenological sector and in the creation of the commercial department to offer Bodega Torreleones wines to the rest. of the world.

The values passed from generation to generation are what guide the agricultural cycle in our vineyards and the oenological decisions in the winery.

A place where the past is respected and the present is cared for with an eye on the future.

Bodega Torreleones, founded in 2002, is the result of 4 generations of winemakers. Located in the department of Guaymallén, its wines seek to characterize the authentic terroir of Mendoza, an area of Argentine wines par excellence.

Absolutely all the production is made from our own vineyards. In this way, we ensure that our raw material is the result of a respectful and sustainable treatment of the environment, guaranteeing an optimal quality of grapes for winemaking. Our wines seek to express the typicality of the relationship between each grape variety and the environment in which it is immersed. To achieve this, work is done in the winery following the most traditional winemaking techniques.