Bakers Choice – Ice Cream Cakes

Derrick Lin


Design: Meghana Reddy
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Bakers Choice
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Vegan Ice Cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wet-Strength Paperboard

Baker’s Choice, the one-stop pastry shop, introduces a delicious dairy-free range for every ice cream lover. We are slowly turning to more healthier alternatives such as a truly vegan diet each day. To embrace and disperse this healthier lifestyle to more people, we’ve developed our unique take on the beloved ice cream that’s lactose-free which is rich in taste and nourishing for the soul.

Begin your way up with the citrus base in the orange pack, the wholesome crunch sandwiched in between for the walnut dessert, to the juicy, tender yet succulent tartness of the raspberry flavor, one can’t help but succumb to their sweet senses, reach out for a pack from the shelf and dive into its rich, creamy goodness right away. The colors, designs, and textures used on the packaging are affable; guaranteed to grab the attention of kids and adults alike. There’s something in these packs for everyone.

We’re good for the environment inside and out-our products are made from wholesome, rich and natural homemade ingredients extending its environment friendly nature to the outer packaging that can be reused or recycled.

Grab a spoon, dig in and savor the flavor of healthy and rich ice cream just the way mama makes at home.

What’s Unique?
Our ice cream packaging is a stunning treat for the eyes that showcases the journey from within. The unconventional illustrations on the packaging depict the ingredients of each variety. With three distinct flavors: orange, raspberry and walnut, there’s a story with each layer.

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