Dong Lai Shun



Design: Parabrand Group
Location: China
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Food, paste
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, plastic

In the huge and ancient city of Beijing, many ethnic groups live happily, and the integration of ethnic groups also leaves us with more kinds of cuisine. Looking at the capital, in addition to the Han cultural food that we are familiar with, halal food is also everywhere. When it comes to halal food, Dong Lai Shun, a time-honored Chinese brand, is a golden sign in old Beijing. Carrying the best memories of old Beijingers about food. In recent years, facing the impact of the Internet on the catering industry and the rise of a new generation of consumer groups, Donglaishun has also been searching everywhere in order to chase the footsteps of young people. At this moment, Donglaishun finally found a way to crack the new retail catering.

Dong Lai Shun has cooperated with us for single packaging design three times, and formed an uninterrupted tacit understanding, and the products have also received unanimous praise and sales. Therefore, we naturally attracted the fourth cooperation with Donglaishun. This cooperation is not only a single design, but a design project for Donglaishun’s overall project.

After tacit communication with the management staff of Donglaishun, we learned about the major opportunity of this packaging reform. From the traditional to the new creative, the two sides continue to collide with sparks, and the design has unprecedented development and innovation. This is a qualitative leap for Donglaishun Group, and it is also an opportunity to create another glorious future.

What’s Unique?
From cooked food to moon cake packaging, the style is designed with exquisite and attractive cooked food packaging, as well as simple and advanced seasoning packaging. In terms of style positioning, it leaves a strong visual impact and strengthens people’s memory and impression. Different product series adopt different styles in design strategy but highlight the visual characteristics of different products, and have the unique shadow of Donglaishun. Both branding and product specialization are realized, and stability, youth and vitality are the visual appeals of the entire packaging design.