Derrick Lin


Agency: Estudio Nuar
Creative Direction: Manuela Ventura and Melisa Rivas
Design: Nicole Kupczok, Manuela Ventura and Melisa Rivas
Product Photography: Visual Taste Studio
Packaging Photography: Magalí Polverino
Location: Argentina
Project Type: Produced
Client: Mousse
Product Launch Location: Argentina
Packaging Contents: Pastry and Ice Cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper Boxes, Paper Bags, Paper Cups
Printing Process: Digital Printing, Flexography

Mousse was born in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, as an artisan patisserie specialized in cakes. Six years after opening, they decided to introduce Ice Creams to the proposal, and expand to a bigger store to be able to offer their products to a wider audience. That’s when they summoned us to redesign their brand, in order to adapt it to the new range of products and the new space, but seeking to transmit the same values: artisanal, natural and high quality homemade products.

In addition, they challenged us to integrate french pastry, argentinian traditional cafeteria and artisan ice cream into the same brand. With all this in mind, we did the rebranding, seeking to capture the french touch with the typographies inspired by the classic “patisseries”. Also, we tried to enhance the sweetness and creaminess of the ice cream in the photographic mood.

The colour palette played a significant role in the graphic system, since we wanted to differentiate the packaging (pink and blue) with the spatial applications (beige and gold), to give the brand more dynamism. Finally, with brand phrases and storytelling, we intended to reinforce the homemade values and the story behind each product. “Reuniting Classics” was our trigger to put together the story, and thus be able to capture the same concept in all instances, from the cake boxes to the signage. All in all, we did storytelling, visual and verbal identity redesign, stationery, packaging, uniforms, archigraphy, signage, art direction, social media content, etc.

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