Design: Akshita Agarwal
Location: India
Project Type: Student
Packaging Contents: Vodka Soda in a can
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tin can
Printing Process: Digital printed labels and boxes

SodaVoda is a hypothetical beverage brand that sells canned soda vodka. It comes in three desi Indian flavors- KalaKhatta, AamPanna and Nimbu. The aim is to promote Indian alcohol over foreign liquor brands. It is designed to pair with the intense heat and spicy food.

Inspired by Indian truck art, the visual language is designed to resonate with vibrancy and liveliness of desi culture. Each product is assigned a main color for the three product brand. A combination of these colors combined with illustrated Indian motifs and characteristic experimental typeface, forms the personality of SodaVoda. The pattern, motifs and logo are integrated into all branding elements in a balanced manner. So get ready to Take a swig, fancy a gulp and infer a chug with Soda Voda’s packed cans with a dash of desi, sprinkle of soda and some vodka with lots of pyaar!

What’s Unique?
Paying an ode to desi culture with its packaging and flavors, SodaVoda is set apart in the market.