Belaqua Island Living

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Estudio Manila
Photographer: Walter Tot
Location: Mexico
Project Type: Produced
Client: Belaqua
Product Launch Location: Mexico
Packaging Contents: Amenities
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Textured paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Belaqua is a real estate project located in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. We know that those who inhabit the island live a different kind of luxury, one between tranquility, exclusivity, and the Caribbean Sea. For the naming, we went and felt how peaceful it is to be there. Definitely, seawater is the most beautiful.

The building is surrounded by an infinite blue where the waves and the breeze hypnotize. That feeling is in the color palette, in the ridges that sneak up on the logo, and in the flexible visual system that navigates in different media and environments, taking advantage of the identity’s own graphic resources.

A coral, part of marine life and loaded with protective and energetic qualities, becomes our main icon. Scott Cunningham in his book “Encyclopedia of Magic Crystals, Gems and Metals” (1987) recommends a ritual to bring luck to your home using one. To be able to implement it without taking real corals, we mixed water with dye in resemblance to the sea and illustrated them with different shapes on cotton paper. The imperfections that come from this exercise are part of the brand’s personality.

In their habitat the corals form a unique and vital reef, in the graphic proposal they identify each apartment within the building as a symbolism of life in the sea. To enhance the underwater effect, we applied the corals’ pattern to the back of the packaging, letting the liquids do their magic: distorted images of the corals complement the simple and elegant labels of the amenities just as if you were seeing the products underwater.

For the graphic system, the letter Q becomes a window to the island life. Using the counter and space above the tail as dividers of image, video, and color, the brand will have an infinite array of concepts, ideas, and feelings to choose from and display online or offline. From print stationery and brand experience to digital presence and social media, the waves of the ocean and the brightness of a summer day are present.

Come to the island and submerge in new waters.