Design: Image Ark
Location: Nepal
Project Type: Produced
Client: Ethik
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Clothes, Jewelry
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

With a passion for handmade products at its core and a deep-rooted philosophy of giving and receiving, this Australian family company offers a range of beautiful handmade products sourced from many countries around the globe. Fair-trade, environment-friendly practices and transparency are very much a part of their DNA and their values extend to telling the stories of the hands that make their products. Ethik takes an interest in the lives of the people they work with: their cultures, love for craftsmanship and above all, making sure their business enriches the livelihoods of the people they work with.

The Ethik logo was designed in all small caps with soft rounded edges to evoke a personable elegance, and to convey the company’s vision, values and its close friendship with its partners and stakeholders. The tagline ‘Seeking Stories’ is meant to convey its multicultural values and its interest in each of their stories.

We designed a set of patterns inspired from the motifs found in the different regions Ethik works with- Australia, Middle East, Turkey, Bali, Tibet and Nepal, to be used in the brand packaging and collaterals. The colour palette is earthy and organic.

The packaging and stationery are printed on environmentally friendly brown carton paper that uses no bleach or dye, giving it an earthy and organic feel along with the added advantage of its cost-effectiveness.