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Design: Guyi Design (古一设计)
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Client: Snow Beer/ Juewei
Product Launch Location: China
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cans
Printing Process: Screen printing

Guyi provided the following services for Snow Beer and Juewei this time: overall beer packaging creativity, advertising slogans, font design, product display effect rendering

Project introduction: At the beginning of this year, Guyi Design received the design cooperation of Snow Beer and Juewei, and hoped that we would design a joint beer packaging design for SuperX and Juewei Duck Neck. Brave Crush Tianya and Juewei Duck Neck, as two well-known brands by consumers, need a joint beer packaging design, which can be said to be simple, but also quite difficult. The simple reason is that Snowflake and Juewei’s brand influence and consumer base are huge, even if only two brand elements are put on the packaging, it is feasible, but as a creative-led brand packaging design company, we are not allowed to be so sloppy;

Nowadays, product packaging is no longer simply limited to packaging functions. It also needs to have the characteristics of topicality, dissemination, and sales at the same time, in order to better help the product. Of course, it is a great test for the design company to do these things well. capable. In the face of the joint names of Snowflake and Juewei, it is undoubtedly more difficult to associate the two brands and then carry out creative beer packaging design. There are challenges when there is difficulty. Let’s see how the little partners of Gu Yi design solve this problem.

Text is the most direct way to convey emotions and connect things in addition to language. A well-designed text has made Snowflake’s brave to the world have a relationship with Juewei Duck Neck! The colloquial slogan can directly communicate with consumers and trigger topicality. At the same time, the two brands are also carried out in the text. connect. Using the elements of Snow Juewei itself and the slogan to design, make this co-branded beer packaging design unique!

Many times when we drink cans, have you wiped the mouth of the bottle and the surrounding area with paper towels? Therefore, in the beer packaging design of the Snow Juewei co-branded design, in order to make it more hygienic and clean, reduce consumers’ troubles. Worry, we designed a tin foil package on the top of the can.