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Design: Shenzhen Guyi Design Packaging Design Company
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Global

As a product brand name, Pingba needs matching content to support the brand. This is also the connotation of the brand. And Pingba is easily reminiscent of spelling! Heihachi sake label design

In life, we will fight for the future; everyone who works outside has a heart that dares to fight. Hard work is exactly the brand spirit that Pingba needs. This group of brave and hard-working people has become the main consumer group of Pingba products: those who work hard and work hard outside, can be men, women and children, as long as you have a heart to fight!

Pingba “Dare to fight, brave, and enthusiastic spirit of struggle”

From the perspective of consumer shopping psychology: when consumers receive the product name “Ping Ba” in the first time, they can communicate at the spiritual level, and this is the second step in the relationship between our products and consumers: The transformation of perception has aroused the emotional resonance of consumers.

Product core
The product can be divided into two parts: the product in the bottle and the outer packaging of the bottle.

The quality of the products in the bottle is controlled by the company itself. Our focus is on the outer packaging of the bottle, and the outer packaging of the bottle plays a huge role in the sales process. We buy products mainly to meet: psychological needs and physical needs; psychological needs mostly refer to the spiritual level, while physical needs mostly refer to physical experience. These needs are usually manifested in the process of the relationship between the product and the consumer. We slice and analyze several main links of the relationship between packaging and consumers.

Attract attention
It is necessary to think about the eye-catching effect of the product on the terminal shelf and the adaptability in a complex environment. The packaging needs to break out of the environment in the first time to attract consumers’ attention.

Let’s first take a look at the following pictures of most Japanese sake products:

We can see that the shapes of sake bottles are similar, but the biggest difference is the sake label. The customer chose a black sake bottle type, and most of the sake bottle body color is mainly dark tones. Considering the final shelf effect, we added a blue bottle body to the black base to attract more attention. Consumer attention.

Grasp the eye through the color, and then change from the label packaging. We distinguished most sake product label packaging forms and presented them in the form of target sports bracelet wrap labels.

Goal is a beacon to guide you

Only by setting the goal direction, you will not lose yourself, and you will be able to work harder for a better future.

The label can be removed from the bottle to distinguish the common sake packaging forms on the market and give consumers a different visual and tactile experience. After drinking the product, the target bracelet can be removed for daily wear.

Perception transformation + decision promotion Good product packaging represents the brand, the core information of the brand and the product is transformed into benefits (function or emotion) that users can quickly perceive through packaging.

Different categories, different brand personalities, and different product advantages have different touch points for consumer decision-making. We need to dig deeper to meet consumer demand for products and transform them into touch points that can resonate and promote decision-making.

In the part of brand empowerment, we grafted Pingba and Pinba to give Pingba a fighting spirit, so as to have a sense of resonance with the people working outside. The whole brand font design combines vigorous and powerful calligraphy strokes to highlight the core of the brand itself.

In order to further strengthen the existence of the brand’s spiritual core, we choose eagle as the brand graphic element. The eagle has a tenacious spirit. Taishan does not bend over the top, and the stormy waves do not bow. Starting from the moment, starting from bit by bit, he always maintains full and vigorous energy, unyielding hard work, and perseverance.

Hardworking, brave, and enthusiastic spirit of struggle