Agency: S&Co
Creative Directors: Oliver Siegenthaler & Julian Jaramillo
Art Director & Designer: Felipe Osorio
Designer: Nicolas Galeano
Photography: Espacio Crudo
Location: Colombia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Masa
Product Launch Location: Colombia
Packaging Contents: Juice Drinks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Offset

Masa is an artisan bakery and café in Bogotá, Colombia. Since its opening in 2011 it has become an emblematic place in the city and a beloved brand by the people of the neighborhood.

In March 2020 Masa had to temporarily close its restaurants due to the general quarantine declared by covid-19. This forced them to quickly create a series of products that are ready to be prepared at home. Different products were developed from bread, sauces, soups and recipes among others. Within the portfolio are the Batidos Masa, which are blends of frozen fruits and vegetables ready to mix with water or milk at home. This is a very easy and fun product to make, but also the result is almost the same as the smoothies found in Masa cafes.

Our job was not only to create the packaging but also to strategically decide how the Masa brand should look in large stores. Until now, Masa had only lived in its own stores. We decided to move away from the common language with photographs found in supermarkets and created a colorful packaging, with a striking typography that simulates the movement of fruits and vegetables in the blender. We also explain in a short and simple way the step-by-step to prepare the smoothies at home.

What’s Unique?
The quick solution of using an ice cream packaging together with the typographic and color solution.