Simil Design

Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares, España

Agency: Símil Design
Creative Direction / Design: Ainhoa Nicolau
Creative Direction / Design: Pep Bernat
Heura Marketing Direction: Silvia Roig
Heura Marketing Direction: Cristina Quintana
Heura Design Team: Sara Aribo
Heura Design Team: Victoria Falco
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Heura
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Plant based meat
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Cardboard

Heura® is a Barcelona based start-up food-tech company born from a social mission: to change the current food system into a sustainable one.

With this purpose in mind, and a growing movement towards conscious plant-based food production. Heura have created a new generation of 100% plant-based proteins with amazing textures and flavours, making the transition into plant-based protein simple and easy.

Heura team felt that their brand identity did not reflect the goodness of our products nor the values of the brand, and hence needed to be turned around. The brief to Simil was to create a new impactful and iconic brand identity which would really POP in the store environment and single Heura out to consumers. This new identity had to reflect their bold and outward personality, be a tribute to their Mediterranean heritage, convey the goodness and simplicity of food and be aligned to Heura’s commitment to the environment.

We have collaborated with the Heura team to develop their products with a bold packaging that reflects their sustainable purpose and their mediterranean roots. And whilst competitors in the plant-based industry have historically associated with colour such as green or Kraft for their connotations to plants and sustainability, we have decided to go with a bold and warm Yellow to reinforce iconicity and distinction, and as a tribute to Mediterranean sun and their optimistic brand personality. The recycled texture reflects the naturality of the food and the simplicity of the language and layout helps us communicate in a simple way the product benefits and portfolio architecture.

This 2020, Heura has tripled its revenue to 8 Million Euros. But beyond revenue, and loyal to our mission of generating holistic solutions that benefit of our health, the planet, and animals, their managed to save up to 412,260 animal lives, reduced the consumption of over 3.000 million litres of water (the equivalent of over 50 million showers), as well as more than 6,7 million kg of CO2 (the equivalent of over 27 million kilometres by car).

In the upcoming year, and with this new brand identity, they hope to continue pioneering the transition to plant-based proteins that the world needs.

What’s Unique?
We were immediately fascinated by their dedication and inspired by their purpose to create a better future of food. The new design is a true reflection of what Heura is and stands for: it reduces 80% of plastic and is made from recycled and recyclable materials for a truly circular economy.

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