Sina Agriculture Gift Box



Design: Parabrand Packaging Design 智远创意(北京)文化发展有限公司
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Client: Sina Agriculture 新浪农业
Product Launch Location: China
Packaging Contents: Rice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, gray board, plastic
Printing Process: Flexible printing

In the summer of this year, Sina Agriculture found Parabrand Packaging Design and invited them to make a high-end, unique and high-quality rice packaging. It is a very important festival packaging for Sina Agriculture. The gift boxes made this time and previous years are a brand new experience from design to structure to material selection to realization. After countless days and nights, polished and adjusted, and effective communication with customers and suppliers, the team members finally ushered in a common “child” in October.

In terms of design, the whole body of the gift box adopts fashionable new black with black decoration, which is not boring, but gives the packaging a sense of high-level mystery. Only the company’s logo and icon are placed on the front of the package, highlighting the minimalism to the advanced level of the package. There is no extra embellishment on the outside of the package, as if one more place is superfluous. To open the gift box, we used traditional Chinese elements (doors, lanterns). The first thing that caught our eyes was a gate with a festive atmosphere. The middle of the gate was engraved with the words “open the door, good luck”, and “open the door good luck” is also called “open the door” firecracker”. Opening the “door”, we showed us the red lanterns (the utensils for holding rice), in response to the phrase “hanging the big red lanterns”. The red lanterns symbolize family reunion, business prosperity, and prosperity. , Which symbolizes happiness, brightness, vitality, completeness and wealth, red lanterns, which symbolize the meaning of reunion, are hung to create a festive atmosphere. The overall packaging is high-end and unique, without being muddle-headed.