Design: Kwangmyung Lim, Hyeonmo Kim, Euisung Hwang
Location: South Korea
Project Type: Brand Identity, Package Design
Packaging Contents: Women’s health functional food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

dr.blet is a women’s health functional food brand that takes care of discomfort in daily life. To renew the existing brand and build a new brand identity, we developed a logo type, color, and key visual system.

We focused on improving consumer awareness of existing health functional foods that give an old-fashioned impression due to the characteristics of the product. To improve this, we aimed to deliver an experimental image of the direction dr.blet wants to move forward and a visual image to highlight the professionalism of health functional food

In order to intuitively express the single functionality of each product, such as Princein, Pooeng, Skin Barrier, and Inner Vita C, we have created a Key Visual System and a Layout System that is easy to expand products. The Key Visual System “Form”, developed with the motive of the single functionality of the product, was developed for universal use in a flexible form, and applied to the packaging system to deliver a consistent brand identity.