O Mercador Wine Packaging

Wine & Shine


The Wine & Shine team was challenged by the Portuguese wine broker L.J.Silvestre to design the wine packaging for their range of wines. Being a reputable wine broker company, which deals with bulk wines and wine products from wineries from all over the country, we opted for a classic “business man” look, designed to generate trust and transmit the brand’s expertise.

The classic Black & White institutional look was inspired by the old Port wine brokers and the business world. The brand logo with an elegant sailboat reinforced the brand name “O Mercador” (the merchant). As these white and red wines come from different wine regions, a map shows the origin of each one with a simple colour code. The objective was to generate trust and show the expertise behind each wine.


Wine & Shine


Creative Direction: Paal Myhre/ Rita Monteiro

Concept/Copywriting: Tinta Amarela

Wine Label Design: Myhre Design

Wine Photography: Jorge Figanier Castro