Nectar du Monde’s mission is to travel the world in search of unique stories, natural ingredients, subtle scents and transform into beautifully crafted, and culturally inspired products. This first series consists of three shampoos and a rinse inspired by France, Thailand, New Zealand, and Egypt.

For each place, an illustration about the place of origin and ingredients was commissioned to the talented artists Agathe Singer, Claire Prouvost, Chloe Weinfeld and Quenti Monge, we can appreciate all their signatures and work titles on the side of the bottles.

Up to 94% of the product’s ingredients are of natural origin. The remaining percentage is from a responsible origin of “green chemistry”. The bottles not only contain the indulgent natural formulas that benefit your hair, but they are also made from recyclable material that benefits the planet. Made with Braskem’s Green Polyethylene, renewable raw material, 100% recyclable and with an “I’m green™ Polyethylene” seal. We used Kraft paper- based boxes rightly regarded as being among the most environmentally friendly and sustainable and the label is from BIO-PE composed of 95% of sugar cane waste. Nectar Du Monde is also part of to remove the financial barriers that stand between people in need and access to safe water and sanitation at home.

Thinking of ​​bringing the best of nature, art and color to bathtubs and promoting environmentally conscious beauty, the branding and packaging design, had to be sophisticated, flexible and of great presence. During the brand design process, the illustrations were unknown, so the biggest challenge was to give presence to the brand without diminishing the prominence of illustration, inexistent at that time. A distinctive structure that works with any illustration and color palette was designed. The half circle at the front resembles a horizon, and in the lower part, a few drops of nectar simulate their fall from a window. The bottle is wrapped around a blue stripe, a color linked to the infinite and eternal, like the sky or sea which, along with the gold, create a duo that evokes the exclusivity of the ingredients. The combination of contemporary and traditional fonts creates an elegant dynamic that blends into the illustration. The kraft box that contains the bottles repeats the same principles of the design and, undoubtedly, improves the unboxing experience.

Exposing the bottles in a Wardian Case shape is no coincidence, as that is how foreign plants were transported to Europe; today, Nectar Du Monde does it with hair products. With natural ingredients sourced from locations worldwide, Nectar Du Monde, breaks down the barriers in favor of health and beauty.


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Illustrations on bottle: Agathe Singer (33, Saint Germain), Claire Prouvost (66, Wakatipu), Chloe Weinfeld (64, Phi Phi), and Quentin Monge (20, Nile).


Images on iphone: Sergiomont at freepik / Feeh Costa, Real Jansen, and Rya Christodoulou at Unsplash

Nectar du Monde