Book design: Diary of a mentally ill woman

Hollóka Grafikai Műhely / Graphic Design Studio

Budapest, Magyarország

Book design for Géza Csáth’s book: Diary of a Mentally Ill Woman.

Géza Csáth was a Hungarian writer, psychiatrist and physician. The protagonist is a lady with paranoia, who had been receiving neurological treatment for many years before being admitted to the mental and neurological clinic. The novel is the imprint of the writer’s work as a neurologist. It is a dust jacket hard cover book. Both designs of the jacket and the hard cover are based on the special connection between the protagonist and the ‘creature’ in her head. This creature, a devil, possesses her soul and controls her actions, that is why the hands on the dust jacket are driven like puppets. Writing is an important thing for her and most of the time she feels, the creature gives the words instead of herself. On the hard cover there is a mixture of the symbol of the sunbeams, the controlling hands and the silhouette of the main character.