We were briefed to create a name for the product that can be easily remembered. Moo is an organic vegan company that provides new and fun ways to eat vegan meals and snacks. We help not only vegan people to try different and unique vegan meals and snacks as well as encourage others such as meat-eaters to try healthier options.

Consumer behavior during this pandemic teenager tends to stay at home and always eat an unhealthy snack. So the problem is in today’s market there is still no combination of healthy snacks which is cookies and milk. Usually, they always sell it separately.

The design objective firstly is to create a packaging that can fulfill the consumer desire which is the packaging that has a combination of milk and cookies and secondly to encourage the target audience to consume more healthy snacks.

This packaging is mainly targeted to teenagers between 13 – 20 years old. Using pop art style to express the fun and alive mood through the packaging. Moo is launching this Happy Crumb packaging which consists of 8 pairs of cookies and soy milk powder. Available in 4 flavours which are red velvet cheese, choco, marshmallow choco and rainbow cookies. This set of Happy Crumb is a great alternative to consume instead of unhealthy snack foods.


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