Lokal is a brand based in Jakarta, Indonesia that offers authentic homemade Indonesian food, starting from traditional desserts and snacks to homemade spices. The brand aims to strengthen Indonesian cultural identity through culinary, implementing cultural elements in all aspects of its products and design.

People have started to prefer cooking by themselves at home due to the pandemic. If any of them desires to cook Indonesian food, the need of bumbu (blend of spices) are highly needed as the dishes taste better with the bumbu hassled in. However, making a bumbu itself is a complicated process and it takes a lot of time and effort.

Hence, Lokal creates a convenient basic bumbu spice kit that consists of 4 different kinds of spice mixtures and leaves that can be used while cooking different Indonesian food recipes at home. The spice mixture is categorized by a different color, white, yellow, orange and red, each with different flavor and usage.

The design concept uses a combination of simple and modern traditional styles to represent Indonesian culture. With the convenient product and packaging design, Lokal targets 25 – 35 years old adults who love to cook in their busy lifestyles.

Besides that, when consumers are out of the idea of what to cook, there is an augmented reality QR code on the packaging that has a recipe book for each of the spices that allows consumers to choose which recipe they would like to cook. Each recipe book also has a website link on it that can let people either directly download the recipe or visit the website for more easy viewing.