Our Kind

United Kingdom

The magic of mysticism is brought to life via a pack design which tells the story of transformation, the journey and exploration through the astral realm. We ask our customer envision themselves and their dreams via the illustrations; crafted with spiritual symbolism. Each pack creates a unique journey or landscape; relating to the use of the product and the experience it delivers.

Founder, Dulce Ruby, is a multidisciplinary artist, speaker, meditation guide, and coach; through this project she blends science, art, and spirituality, through plants. This manifestation of her life’s work birthed a new brand of tea called Despierta, which means “awaken” or “awake” in Spanish.

Ruby conceived the Despierta brand and product concept and co-created with Our Kind studio to manifest her vision into the 3D reality via branding and packaging design. Despierta consists of three blends to improve sleep, aiding lucid dreaming and daytime wellness.

The typography and foil finishes supplement the celestial and mystical magic of both Dulce’s and Despierta’s identities. Colours are inspired by the activating ingredients; such as passionflower and blue lotus featured within Astral Traveler and lavender and butterfly pea flower within Celestial Calm.