Dispenser Studio

66054 Vasto CH, Italia


The La Molisana group intends to oversee the premium segment of the pasta segment by creating a specific product brand and therefore entrusts Dispenser with the research for strategic positioning and the creation of the new brand identity.

The new identity arose from an investigation into the history of the Ferro family, millers for 4 generations, which led to the new product range being named after Commander Giuseppe Ferro, close ancestor of the new leaders of the group.

A chromatic research has been added to the choice of natural paper for the packaging, which in fact has become the protagonist in the new identity. The combination of bright red, yellow and blue is typical of the Italian pasta-making tradition of the last two centuries and the choice to update it in combination with a neo-vintage graphic has produced a lively and distinguishable line on the shelf that well represents all the solid goodness of this premium workmanship.