Chivo loco Vermut

Armoder Arte y Diseño

Valencia, España

The image design that we created for the Chivo Loco vermouth for Bodegas La Purísima, is developed within a context of creative freedom. We designed the image starting by giving life to his name through an illustration where we created his Chivo Loco character, giving him an image of bohemian and dandy airs, reliving in some way the moments of other times that were shared in an aperitif. Conceptually we represent his funny madness in his deep mischievous look, also reinforced through an abstract form created by the gold stamping lines that cross his image. We used a palette of intense maroon and blue colors throughout the image of the label. In reference to the characteristics of the product… Chivo Loco is presented accompanied by the inseparable top hat of him arriving at a round pace and with power. His deep mischievous gaze reveals that it is now the perfect time for the aperitif. Chivo Loco is elegant, delicious with its spicy notes. When it’s time for a drink…also I’ll think of him.