PINTA Barrel Brewing is a brewery specializing in wood-aged and wild beers. Our job was to create a visual identity of the brand and packaging design. The logotype and labels were created in cooperation with tattoo artist and illustrator Jakub Sokólski. Brand identity comes from the character of products and is intended to stand of the crowd in premium craft beer positioning.

Although PINTA Barrel Brewing is a project initiated by the PINTA Brewery, the new brand doesn’t use graphic solutions developed by us for Polish craft beer leaders. And it stands for the independence of PINTA Barrel Brewing.

The layout of the packaging is inspired by the world of strong alcohols, but it doesn’t dominate the project. Our goal was to create modern and mature identification, attractive to consumers familiar with the world-class level in this market segment.

The choice of an illustrator experienced in tattooing, the concept of morphing graphic motifs and the idea for the colors of labels make up the success of PINTA Barrel Brewing packaging – enthusiastically received by the brand’s target group.


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