PINTA brewery – rebranding


Cooperation with the brewery that started the beer revolution in Poland was a great success and a professional challenge for us. We were able to participate in an extremely important rebranding – both for PINTA and the entire Polish beer market.

The rebranding of PINTA’s visual identification took place on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Atak Chmielu and involved refreshing the labels of classic products from the brewery’s portfolio. However, for us it was a longer process that led us to develop a line of regular beers. At the same time, completely new product lines, seasonal or in-out, were created.

When refreshing the packaging, we set ourselves two important goals – to make the brand itself stand out and find a common graphic language for labels that have been created over the decade. An extremely important criterion for assessing our work – both on the brewery and the agency’s side – was continuity. PINTA fans had to easily identify their favorite beers on the shelf. As a result, labels were created that were 100% related to their predecessors, but built on the basis of a synthesis of previous graphics. We believe that this approach made PINTA stand out in stores and gave the brand new strength.


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Art Director: Sébastien Ploszaj
Art Director: Iwona Przybyła-Ćwiklińska
Copywriter: Mariusz Łowczynowski
Photographer: ANKU
PINTA Brewery