irsanab – Saffron envelope



Our group of designers conceptualized and designed the packaging of Irsanab export saffron and the logo design for this brand in accordance with the principles of design and creativity. The use of effects related to post-printing services is one of the strengths and distinctive points of this brand’s packaging design and implementation.

Irsanab’s export saffron packages have been implemented in three best-selling weights of 1, 2.3 and 4.6 grams, which are suitable for export, at the suggestion of our consultants.

One of the challenges and competitive advantages in the design of this packaging is the correct and professional use (more than 90%) of post-printing services such as silver cup effect, red cup effect and highlighting, etc. The preciousness of this red gold was considered by the design team at the beginning of this project.

Also, the bilingual logotype design of this brand was designed by our group. The right logo design is one of the most effective options that can highlight the strengths of your business and help you attract customers.

One of the important points in designing a logotype for a brand with the purpose of export is to consider a bilingual logotype in accordance with global standards and methods in order to realize branding by following the minimal style.