Toppings “Fruit larets” are represented by seven berry-fruit flavors. The colorful illustrations drawn specifically for this project made it possible to convey the variety of color shades, the nature of various shapes, and the natural beauty of fresh berries. A similar arrangement in the form of a fragment of a wreath on all types of labels united all SKUs into a harmonious and easily recognizable series.

Thanks to the black color, coated with a matte, tactile lacquer, the background is visually united with the black plastic bottle and focuses on the images, the trademark and the name of the taste. A graphic and monochrome pattern of images: ice cream, confectionery, various desserts emphasized a certain style and added information content. This graphic solution is involuntarily associated with the atmosphere of cafes and bars, where this product is traditionally used as one of the ingredients for preparing, decorating drinks and desserts.

In contrast to the matte background, the titles and illustrations covered with selective, glossy varnish have acquired maximum brightness and depth of color shades.