Standard Pots Cookware Utensils



This packaging project was created for MS Standard, one of the market leaders in the cookware industry in Egypt. MS Standard are known for their premium quality Italian stainless steel and unique Italian designs.

Marklinica team managed to create one strong identity for their new packaging line, one that is related to the Italian culture and cuisine, which is considered to be the origin of these products.In our designs, we have chosen the elite marble texture which was inspired from our warm kitchens, where we can feel most belonged and comfortable. We have also picked real photos of people cooking in their kitchens to get it more personal with the end customer and make them feel more related to the product with lovely real photo dishes.

We went for light marble color to be more eye friendly and grab customers attention and also picked our colors to complete this emotional experience, as according to colors’ psychology, yellow gives this optimistic joyful energy, and red is known to spark appetite, and that was our secret recipe to an attractive color palette that people’d notice first whenever it’s around.


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