The creation of Five Stones XO Cognac spans back decades and has developed alongside the friendship between Five Stones founder, Ilan Hasson, and Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, fourth generation and owner of his family’s Cognac house in France since 2009. This unique cognac comes mainly from the Fins Bois region in France and is blended with Petite Champagne Eaux-de-vie. Aged Fin Bois cognacs are rare, but when successful, the flavours of sweet, dried fruits deliver exceptional warmth and smoothness to the palate. The addition of intense Petite Champagne flavours produces a harmonious blend. Following a long period of ageing in dry cellars to preserve alcohol content, the last seven years of ageing took place in a humid cellar.  XO Cognac is kosher, contributing to its uniqueness.

We created the minimalistic label from gold paper and high-quality cotton-woven paper on one roll,  embellishing it with gold and pearl foil plus embossing. The shape has been specially designed and cut. The warm royal colour of the neck tag has gold foil trimmings and is topped by a special closure, complete with a chain. It comes with a gift box. Pure elegance inside and out.